Great news, everyone! This fall Magento finally released a long-awaited update to their community edition: Magento 1.8. Avalanche has been updated to support 1.8 along with a collection of minor improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed custom options $0.00 bug.
  • Fixed zip validation issues on checkout for stores that ship outside of the US.
  • Fixed headers already sent error from showing up in the Magento error log due to the PJAX catalog.
  • Fixed default placeholder logo in Avalanche Mobile.
  • Improved look of downloadable products in one page checkout review and multishipping items.
  • Minor translation file tweaks.

To download the latest update, log in to the members area and select the Avalanche 1.5 download link. If you run into any issues check out our support center or get in touch. More improvements are on the way as I continue to support incremental upgrades for Magento 1.x. Stay tuned!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Fast Division! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update but I’m pleased to announce Avalanche 1.4, a collection of improvements and bug fixes for Magento Major updates include Schema.org microdata support and stylesheet generation for unlimited mobile stores.

  • Schema.org Microdata: Product, Offers, Ratings, Reviews
  • Multiple stylesheet support for Avalanche Mobile
  • Coupons now supported in Avalanche Mobile
  • Captcha now supported in Avalanche
  • Social media footer HTML moved to static block
  • Tax/VAT information should now be properly added to widget product collections
  • Improved one page checkout form validation (state, postal code, phone, fax)
  • Coupon form now submits upon pressing the enter key
  • Fixed PayPal Express support and revamped the PayPal order review page
  • Fixed Facebook Connect code for Like Button
  • Fixed Facebook Like button in the Quick View
  • Fixed “FB is not defined” JavaScript error for FB like button on subsequent page refreshes
  • Fixed AJAX Catalog with “Show More Products” behavior when using back button
  • Fixed display of optional customer registration fields
  • Fixed display of cart discount label on cart total list
  • Fixed localization issues with review dates by reverting back to default code
  • Fixed contact form page template in contacts.xml
  • Fixed display issue with multiple addresses on multishipping overview page
  • Fixed 0 Reviews star display on Avalanche Mobile
  • Fixed rare minification issue with several JS files and semi-colons
  • Added default theme check when generating and exporting stylesheets
  • Updated jQuery (1.8.3), Modernizr, Slides and Waypoints
  • Updated Adminhtml Form.php override file for Magento
  • Removed custom opcheckout.js in favor of Magento’s default script
  • Removed custom bundle price.phtml template in favor of Magento’s default template
  • Removed product-grid.js since it’s no longer used
  • Removed jQuery Metadata dependency

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Integrating extensions into a custom Magento theme isn’t an easy task. To ease the pain we’ve released 4 brand new guides for Avalanche, our premium Magento theme:

We’re hoping these guides save you time and money as well as give you some ideas on how to integrate other extensions into Avalanche. As always, check out our extensive documentation and FAQ database if you need more help!


If you recently upgraded to Avalanche 1.3.2 and are currently experiencing server-related issues please log in to the Avalanche members area and download the latest hotfix.

The stylesheet fallback system used in the latest version of Avalanche is causing problems on a substantial amount of servers resulting in increased CPU and processes. This is occurring because the fopen() function used to check for the existence of files is stalling and creating additional requests to the server.

This hotfix replaces the fallback system by using Magento’s scope-based configuration storage. Generated CSS file paths on a store-by-store basis are now saved in a configuration variable rather than performing cached file checks.

If you have any questions or continue to have issues with your server please contact support immediately. Thank you for your understanding!

Avalanche 1.3.2 for Magento 1.5+ and Avalanche 1.3.2 for Magento 1.7+ have both been updated with this hotfix.


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